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iPad Version Coming  
We have completed Silly Stories - iPad Edition and submitted it to Apple. It should be even available at launch!

We have some pretty exciting plans for updates to both the iPad and iPhone versions coming soon. Is there anything that you've been itching for us to add or change with Silly Stories? Now's your chance to get your requests in. Please e-mail us at info@siltonsolutions.co with any ideas that you have and we'll try our best to get it in the next update.

Update Live  
Silly Stories 1.1 is now available in the iTunes App Store. This update doesn't provide any new functionality, however it does address the application crashes that has plagued many of our users.

If you have any suggestions of new features to add to this application, please don't hesitate to e-mail us. We love to hear from our players!

Silly Stories is Now Available!  
Silly Stories is now available in the iTunes App Store! Enjoy!

What is Silly Stories?
Silly Stories is an iPhone / iPod Touch app that allows people to explore their creativity by creating fun and funny stories by filling in gaps left by the story author. The gaps in the story offer hints for what type of word should be used to fill in that gap. This style of story creation has been enjoyed on paper and on the internet over multiple generations, and is now brought to all iPhone and iPod Touch users!

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